We track millions of Valorant matches to provide statistics on individual agents, maps and weapons. We also provide access to the official Valorant leaderboards and guides on how to play each agent based on analytical data.

What we do

We provide real time stats, meta reports, match history, deep insights into individual agent performances and leaderboards


All the statistics displayed on this site are generated in real time and available at your finger tips so you can apply it to your own gameplay to improve. We are constantly reviewing and updating the statistics to ensure you have the correct and latest data available on the market. Our main focus is client satisifcation and that they are improving on theeir game play each and every day. We have beeen playing games since we were children so we understand from your perspective what you require in order to improve.

Competitive Edge

We scout from Radiant players to ensure that our recommendations come from the very best user base. This means that you are learning from the very best and can out class your opponents if they're lower ranked


We believe that Valorant will be one of the leading games for years to come and are dedicated to working hard to get players the best statistics available.


We are always looking for improvements to the site so if you have any suggestions for new features or improvements on existing features then please reach out to us via our communication channels listed in the side bar.